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Original Jaydobo Spice

Original Jaydobo Spice

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Bring the zing with the one and only Original Spice Blend! This carefully crafted mix features a bold combination of all-natural spices, including oregano, cumin, and a hint of Carolina Reaper pepper powder. Perfect for taking any dish up a notch (or two), this versatile blend is a must-have for cooks and chefs who love experimenting with flavor!

Salt, Paprika, Black Pepper, Cumin, Garlic, Onion, Hatch Red Chile, Mexican Oregano, and a hint of Carolina Reaper.

Why Choose Original Jaydobo?

Bold Flavor: A dynamic blend of spices that includes paprika, black pepper, and Hatch Red Chile, complemented by the unique flavors of Mexican oregano and cumin.

Versatility: Ideal for seasoning (literally) everything - make movie night popcorn pop or add a spicy twist to breakfast hashbrowns.

All-Natural Ingredients: Made without preservatives or artificial additives, ensuring a pure and healthy seasoning option.

How to Use:
Sprinkle Original Jaydobo on meats, vegetables, snacks, or any dish that needs an extra flavor boost. Whether grilling, roasting, or simply seasoning your favorite meals, this blend provides a perfect balance of heat and savory goodness.


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Customer Reviews

  • Great on Everything

    "This stuff goes great on everything. Love it on my fries, in my chicken salad, and so many other things"

  • Upgraded Grill Nights

    "This seasoning mix is hella good! It’s the hint of Carolina Reaper that makes it for me. I’ve used it on steak, chicken, avocadoes and even pineapple."

  • Top-Notch Popcorn

    "Leveling up our popcorn with Jaydobo Next Level. By far thee best seasoning!"