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Mellow Jaydobo Spice

Mellow Jaydobo Spice

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Say hello to the perfect balance of flavor without the heat with our Mellow Spice Blend. This handcrafted blend brings you all the bold taste of our original spice mix, tailored for those who prefer a milder experience. Ideal for home cooks looking to enhance their dishes with rich, savory flavors.

Salt, Paprika, Black Pepper, Cumin, Garlic, Onion, Hatch Red Chile, and Mexican Oregano.

Why Choose Mellow Jaydobo?

Rich Flavor: Enjoy the robust taste of paprika, cumin, and garlic, perfectly balanced with a touch of Hatch Red Chile and Mexican Oregano.

Versatile Use: Perfect for seasoning meats, vegetables, and even popcorn for a healthy, flavorful snack.

All-Natural Ingredients: Made with the finest ingredients, free from preservatives and artificial additives.

How to Use:
Sprinkle Mellow Jaydobo on your favorite dishes to upgrade the flavor profile without the heat. Ideal for grilling, roasting, or adding a savory kick to everyday meals and snacks.


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Customer Reviews

  • Great on Everything

    "This stuff goes great on everything. Love it on my fries, in my chicken salad, and so many other things"

  • Upgraded Grill Nights

    "This seasoning mix is hella good! It’s the hint of Carolina Reaper that makes it for me. I’ve used it on steak, chicken, avocadoes and even pineapple."

  • Top-Notch Popcorn

    "Leveling up our popcorn with Jaydobo Next Level. By far thee best seasoning!"